Apple Announces macOS ‘Sierra’ with Auto Unlock, Siri, and More


Leading up to June 13, rumor had it that Apple planned on changing the name of its desktop operating system, from OS X to something a bit more in line with the branding of its other platforms.

And now that is indeed the case, as Apple has officially announced macOS at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. During the keynote taking place today, Apple shared not only the new branding, but also a plethora of new features that will arrive in the new version of the desktop operating system, set to launch to the public this fall.

Auto Unlock will simplify logging into your computer in a big way. That will let Apple Watch users, which already have their identified authenticated, open up their Mac already be logged in. Universal Clipboard, another part of the new Continuity, will let Mac owners running macOS Sierra copy content from their Phone over to macOS, including texts and links.

With iCloud Drive, Apple will let users access their desktop, and all of their files, available from one Mac computer to the next. That desktop content will also be available on the iPhones as well, thanks to the cloud service.

Optimized Storage is another new feature will help users maximize their devices. The old files will be held in the cloud, including photos and movies you’ve already watched, or old mail attachments, and clear up that storage locally — they’ll be stored in the cloud. Safari web cache, the trash that gets forgotten to be emptied, will be removed as well. There’s a simple UI that will help users navigate this new feature.

Apple Pay is coming to macOS Sierra in a big way, thanks to website integration and more. Apple Pay on the web will let users use the mobile payment option within Safari, where there’s a “Pay with Apple Pay,” which will let you use Continuity and Touch ID on your iPhone to authenticate the purchase. Merchants include GILT, and many others.

Tabs in macOS Sierra are getting revamped as well. Every multi windowed pages and apps will get tabs, even third-party apps. The apps that are already installed will also get this support as well, without any additional modification with Tabs Everywhere.

Picture-in-Picture in macOS

macOS Sierra is also getting Picture-in-Picture with a dedicated button. The smaller picture can be moved around, and it works in full-screen mode as well.

Those are seven new features coming to macOS Sierra. But, “there’s one more.”

Siri for macOS

And that’s Siri. “How do you like being on a Mac,” had Siri respond about no complaints regarding a “lack of Windows,” along with other quips as well. Apple asked, “Show the files I worked on last week about the off-site.” Siri offered a quick comment, and then also brought up the content. Users can then whittle down the options, too, looking for specific files that could have been sent from other people.

Siri will also play music from Apple Music, too. She can also search for images from the web as well. Those results can be dragged from Siri’s dedicated window and dragged into a document or onto the desktop. Siri will also dictate messages to be sent.

The public and developer beta begins today. It’s available in the fall for the public.

Apple’s WWDC keynote is still happening, and you can follow along with our liveblog right here, to stay up-to-the-minute on everything being announced.