macOS Sierra References OLED Touch Bar and Touch ID for Upcoming MacBook Refresh


Apple is reportedly rumored to release new MacBooks with an OLED touch bar replacing the function keys on the keyboard later this year. Now, the first Developer Beta of macOS Sierra drops gracious hints at the upcoming major revamp of MacBooks.

Many system files and resources in macOS Sierra make references to “kHIDUsage_LED_DoNotDisturb” that hints at the OLED touch bar letting users toggle Do Not Disturb. Right now, Do No Disturb can be enabled in OS X from the ‘Today’ pane in the Notification Center.

Other resources make references to play, pause, rewind, and other similar functionality, which are all found on the Fn keys of the MacBooks right now. Interestingly, there is an “kHIDUsage_LED_NightMode” resource file that hints at Apple introducing a dedicated Night Mode button to enable the dark theme in macOS.

Additionally, many files also make references to biometric input device, which hints and essentially reaffirms that Touch ID will also be a part of the upcoming MacBook Pro revamp from Apple. Other resource files in macOS Sierra hint at support for USB 3.1 and AMD’s Polaris GPUs.

With Apple’s revamped MacBook Pros reportedly launching towards the end of the year, which is around when the final release of macOS Sierra will be released, it does make sense for the latter to make references to the new hardware the new MacBooks will be packing.

[Via 9to5Mac]