Saying ‘Hey Siri’ Around Multiple Devices Only Activates One in iOS 10

Hey Siri

Don’t you just hate it when you say “Hey Siri” around multiple devices and they all wake up at once? You won’t have to worry about that with iOS 10, which automatically detects nearby devices and only activates one.

According to one Reddit user who is already running the first iOS 10 beta, Apple’s new update “seems to somehow magically preference the one nearest to you” when you use the “Hey Siri” command around multiple iOS devices.

“It’ll activate on both but only actually listen to you on one,” the user adds. “This is with an iPad and iPhone right next to each other both running iOS 10. Coolest feature I’ve not seen anyone mention.”

It’s not totally clear how your iOS devices know they are around each other, or how they know which one is closest to you, but this is an incredibly cool improvement to the Hey Siri feature that all users will certainly welcome.

Unfortunately, we can’t be sure this feature will stick around for the final iOS 10 release. There’s a good chance it will, but Apple’s software changes a lot during the beta period, so there’s no guarantee this change will be left in.

[Via Reddit]