Top 3 iPhone Apps for Reading Email Newsletters

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I find it really funny but some of the best tech reads on the internet come from email subscriptions. It’s either Benedict Evan’s excellent weekly newsletter on how “mobile is eating the world” or Ben Thompson’s newsletter that manages to convey the business side of technology without confusing normal people. And then there’s all the amazing people who curate the best writing in the form of email newsletter. I particularly enjoy Owen Williams’ Charged newsletter and of course iPhoneHack’s own newsletter is a staple diet.

The only thing is, all these newsletters are muddled up inside my email app and I don’t know about you, but I don’t like that.

So for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using apps that take the email subscriptions out of my cluttered inbox and give them a place of their own.

If you’ve been facing the same email subscription overhaul issues, check out these apps.

Aside: This is about newsletters that rock. Newsletters you actually want to read. If you’re looking to get rid of annoying newsletters, check out

1. mlist

email newsletters mlist

I’ve been using mlist for a couple of months now I credit the app for introducing me to this world of email newsletter apps. I like mlist for a couple of reasons.

  • It’s very simple and when you sign up, they’ll give you an email id ([email protected]).
  • You can then use this email ID to subscribe to any newsletter, from anywhere, and the emails will show up in the mlist app and not in your email app. It seems like a little thing but this feature alone is why I have stuck with mlist.
  • The app itself has a really good curated list of email subscriptions to follow (if you like tech, you’ll find lots of great stuff to subscribe to here).
  • The app’s UI is nothing to write home about but it’s simple and gets the job done.

The other apps on this list tap into your current email or try to do multiple things. mlist though is quintessentially just an email newsletter reading app. So if you’re just starting out, mlist is what you should go for.

Download: mlist

2. MyBlend

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If you ever lived in 19th century aristocratic London and read those Gutenberg pressed newspapers with those amazingly fancy/posh type, you’re really going to love MyBlend.

Getting started with this app takes a bit longer than I’d like (log in with your email, manually select which of your subscriptions you want to turn into a magazine feed).

But once you’re in, you’re greeted with a beautiful looking list of the latest stories from all your subscriptions. Tap one to view it.

Download: MyBlend

3. Snack

email newsletter snack

Snack isn’t exactly about reading your favorite email newsletter. It’s more about managing your email subscriptions.

So it bundles basically everything that’s coming in the form of an automated email into a single feed. This means you’ll see stuff like emails from e-commerce sites inside your feed. Which is a bit distracting.

Managing subscriptions with Snack is pretty easy. You can swipe on an email to unfollow it. You can save a particular email to read later as well.

Download: Snack

Clear Winner: mlist

I really like how MyBlend looks all posh and how Snack is using subscription management to get through your newsletter faster but I’m sticking with mlist.

My reasons are simple – it’s its own little silo and doesn’t pollute my default email with newsletters. When I started out, that’s what I wanted and that still hasn’t changed.

What About You?

All three apps above are different enough that they might work for you depending on your needs. Which one did you go for? Share with us in the comments below.