The Best Jailbreak Tweaks for Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go, Pokémon Go, Pokémon Go. That’s what everyone seems to be talking and playing nowadays. The game from Nintendo and Niantic Labs has had a huge launch despite its limited availability. In fact, the game has already been pegged to have a launch that is bigger than the likes of Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

While this is not the first time that Niantic has released an augmented reality based game, this is the first time that someone has made such ingenious use of AR and popular gaming characters that many people can relate to.

Now, if you have been frantically playing Pokémon Go on a jailbroken iPhone, we have some jailbreak tweak recommendations for you that will help you get more from the game. This should hopefully help you in catching more Pokémons, but don’t blame us if you can’t.


In case you are not able to play Pokémon Go on your iOS device because it is jailbroken, get the PokePatch jailbreak tweak. The game by default checks if a device is jailbroken so that it does not work on them. However, you can bypass this check using the PokePatch jailbreak tweak. You can download PokePatch from here.


Too lazy to go outside and catch Pokémons? Or cannot play the game due to some disability? Try the PokemonGoAnywhere jailbreak tweak. The simple tweak lets you walk anywhere in the game by simply tapping on the map. There is a slight problem though: you have to face the map north to go in any direction you want. Another risk of using this jailbreak tweak is that if caught, Niantic can ban your account from the game completely. There have not been any reports so far about users being banned for using this tweak, so you are safe for now.

Download PokemonGoAnywhere jailbreak tweak from here.

Pokemon Lock

Only care about catching Pokémons? Don’t mind sacrificing the battery life of your iOS device and security for it? Try the Pokemon Lock jailbreak tweak then. The tweak will let you playPokémon right from the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad, which in turn will definitely annihilate its battery life. The tweak also requires you to disable passcode protection, but a little bit of security definitely cannot come in your way of catching Pokemons. Can it?

The repo for downloading Pokemon Lock can be found here.

Check out the awesome video by our friend Cody Crouch (iTwe4kz) to see these tweaks in action:

Got any other useful tweak for Pokémon Go? Drop in a comment and do share them with our readers.