Videos Give Clear Look at iPhone 7 Clones

iPhone 7 clone

The iPhone 7 is said to be unveiled the week of September 12, with the launch date rumored to be September 16.

Ahead of that, the Rumor Mill has been busy, especially recently. Two weeks ago a video surfaced that showed an iPhone 7 out in the wild, but what was more than likely just one of many clones that have been making starring roles in photos and videos over the last month or so. Now, two new videos have been published to YouTube, both of which show off iPhone 7 clone dummy units, which were put together using the latest rumors regarding the upcoming handset.

The first video is from Jonathan Morison of TLD. In his video, the iPhone 7 dummy unit was shipped directly from China, and it shows, in clear detail, all of the things we’ve seen before, typically in blurry photos and video. We can see the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, a new camera housing on the back of the device, and the shifted antenna lines on the back of the handset.

Morison also compares the iPhone 7 dummy unit to the iPhone 6s, and, not surprisingly, the two devices look strikingly similar.

You can watch that video just below:

The second video was uploaded by Austin Evans, using a iPhone 7 clone of his own. He goes over the same things, from design and what’s been altered from last year’s iPhone model, and also shows the wobbly nature the iPhone 7 takes on when put on a table thanks to that camera housing on the back.

Are you already planning on upgrading to the iPhone 7?

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