iPhone 7 Said to Start With 32GB Model, Not 16GB

iPhone 7 concept

The iPhone 7 is being rumored as only a moderate change when compared to the iPhone 6s, but there could be one big change that many potential buyers will look forward to.

The Wall Street Journal has run a piece regarding buying a phone right now and how, importantly, right now isn’t a good time to buy a new iPhone. There are new iPhones on the way, and even if they don’t rack up a ton of changes from last year’s models, it might be at least worth waiting to see what’s on offer.

What’s more, according to the report, Apple is going to make one distinct change in storage options. Specifically Apple will be ditching the 16GB variant altogether, and will be replacing it with a 32GB model:

“The new iPhones are expected to have more storage for those photos. Instead of 16GB as a starting point for the entry-level iPhone, the new starting point will be 32GB, according to a person familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans. Hallelujah! I’ve long said that keeping the 16GB iPhone was just a ploy for Apple to get people to buy the 64GB model—for $100 extra.”

That’s a rumor that has been circulated quite a bit recently, but hearing it from the WSJ certainly adds some weight to it. And if it is indeed true, it could possibly mean that Apple offers the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in a 32GB, 128GB, and a 256GB variant.

Are you hoping the iPhone 7 doesn’t offer a 16GB model?

[via The Wall Street Journal]