Apple’s iPhone 7 Event Invite – What Does It Tell Us?

Apple Sept 7 event

Yesterday, Apple sent out invites for the iPhone 7 launch event on September 7th with the tagline “See You on the 7th.” The invite image shows out of focus circles which if you add with up all the iPhone 7 leaks over the last few months point towards only one thing: the cameras on the next iPhones are going to be a vast improvement over their predecessors.

The shallow depth of field seen in Apple’s event invite is a clear indication that the key selling point of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be their upgraded 12MP rear shooters.

Leaks have already revealed key camera specifications of the new iPhones. Both handsets will come with a 12MP shooter with a f/1.9 aperture and larger camera sensor. This significantly larger aperture will allow the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to absorb more light in low-light situations, and also allow them to capture photos with impressive ‘bokeh’ effect — almost similar to what DSLRs are able to capture. The iPhone 7 Plus will likely have some other post-processing tricks up its sleeve as well since it will feature dual-12MP shooters at its rear.

Before you get excited about Apple changing the smartphone photography scene with the iPhone 7, remember that the 12MP shooter on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Note 7 also feature a f/1.7 aperture that also allows them to capture photos with almost DSLR-like bokeh effect. And Huawei’s P9 handset comes with dual-12MP shooters at its rear that lets it offer features like being able to refocus after shooting a photo, improved dynamic range, and more.

And while the iPhone 7 might be able to capture macro shots with DSLR-like bokeh effect, its overall image quality is not going to rival that of a DSLR. Apple cannot fight the laws of physics, and a larger camera sensor like the one found inside DSLRs will ultimately always trump tiny camera sensors found inside smartphones in terms of image quality.