Apple Releases ‘Apple TV Remote’ App for Fourth-Gen Apple TV

Apple TV 4 iOS App

Back in February the first signs of the new Apple TV remote app for iOS were discovered, built for the fourth-generation Apple TV.

That app would eventually get released as a beta during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference back in June. And now Apple has finally released the app into the public via the iOS App Store. The new app is only available for the iPhone right now, so be aware of that limitation out of the gate. However, it does let you control the Apple TV with just a swipe of your finger, allow for easy text entry with the iPhone’s keyboard, Siri controls, and games can be controlled when in Game Mode as well.

Apple TV Remote is a great companion to Apple TV, delivering the best of the Siri Remote. With Apple TV Remote, you’ll never need to put down your iPhone to enjoy Apple TV. Control Apple TV with a swipe of your finger or use the keyboard to quickly enter text. And you can use the app along with the Siri Remote.

• Navigate Apple TV with touch gestures
• Quickly enter text, email addresses, and passwords using the keyboard
• Ask Siri to find something great to watch, listen to, or play
• Control the movie, TV show, or song that’s currently playing
• Play games using the accelerometer and gyroscope
• Turn on Game Mode for simplified game controls

• iOS devices using iOS 9.3.2 or later
• Wi-Fi connection to Apple TV
• Apple TV (4th generation), using tvOS 9.2.1 or later
• Apple TV (3rd generation), using Apple TV Software 7.2.1
• Apple TV (2nd generation), using Apple TV Software 6.2.1

As noted in the release details, the app will work with previous generation Apple TV set-top boxes, but the full list of features are only available for the newest version.


  • Apple TV Remote — Free