Rumor: Apple Will Unveil New MacBook Pro at iPhone 7 Launch Event on September 7

MacBook Pro OLED Display

A few days back, Bloomberg reiterated rumors that Apple was planning the first significant overhaul of the MacBook Pro in four years.

However, he clarified that Apple won’t unveil the new MacBook Pro at the iPhone 7 launch event, widely expected to take place on September 7th. The news came as a major disappointment for many people (including me) who have been eagerly waiting for Apple to launch the much-awaited new MacBook Pro.

Michael Young who writes at The Michael Report claims that according to his sources Apple will unveil the all-new MacBook Pro at the iPhone 7 launch event.

However, sources within Apple intimately involved with the planning of the September 7th event tells The Michael Report exclusively that Apple will, in fact, release the next-generation of retina MacBook Pros at the same event. The Michael Report has independently verified this information to be highly credible.

The iPhone 7 launch event seemed like a good occasion to unveil the new laptop, even if they’re not available for sale until later October or early November just like it did last year by launching the iPad Pro along with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple could do a small event in October, but according to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, he was told last year that Apple no longer wanted to do that.

Here’s are some of the key features and improvements we can expect in the new MacBook Pros:

  • The new MacBook Pros will be slightly thinner than the current generation models. It won’t come with a tapered design like the MacBook Air and latest 12-inch MacBook.
  • It will come with a secondary display above the keyboard instead of the physical function keys. The secondary display will make use of OLED, and will display keys based on the application and current task.
  • It could also feature Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which will be integrated into the new function key display.
  • Apple will also offer a version featuring a higher-performance graphics chip from Advanced Micro Devices as the design offers the power efficiency and thinness to fit inside the slimmer MacBook Pro.
  • Apple is also planning to launch the new MacBook Pro line in gray, gold and silver colors.

Are you waiting for Apple to launch the new MacBook Pro? I really hope that the rumor turns out to be true.