Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Units Lead Samsung to Delay Shipments

Galaxy note 7

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month to take on the iPhone 7, which Apple will be unveiling next week. Thanks to the rave reviews that the Note 7 has received, there is a strong demand for the device that has led to supply constraints in some markets. 

While Samsung has ramped up production to increase the supply of the Galaxy Note 7, it is now having to intentionally delay the shipments of the device due to additional quality control testing.

The Korean company has taken this step after there were multiple reports of Note 7 exploding in South Korea and other parts of the world. It remains unclear if the explosions occurred due to a manufacturing defect or some other third-party factors, but the company has decided to delay the shipment of the device for additional quality control testing.

“Shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 are being delayed due to additional tests being conducted for product quality,” Samsung said in a statement to Reuters. The firm did not elaborate on what it is testing and to what markets shipments are being delayed.

It is possible that the USB Type-C port on the Note 7 has something to do with it since many other OEMs have also faced issues with it.

The delay is going to hurt Samsung since Apple will be unveiling the iPhone 7 next week and the handset will likely go on pre-order at the end of the same week. The news of exploding Note 7 units is also not going to go down well with potential buyers of the handset who might now be wary of buying it.

[Via Reuters]