How To Clear All Notifications in iOS 10

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iOS 10 is the 1oth major version of iOS. Which means it only took us 9 years to get here. But finally, we have a way to clear all notifications with just 1 tap. Dreams do come true.

Well, not for everyone. If you’re rocking iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or the newer 2016 iPhones or if you happen to have one of the iPad Pros, plus the Apple Pencil, well, you’re in luck. Everyone else, not so much.

3D Touch To Clear All Notifications

No longer do you have to tap the “x” button and then tap “Clear” for every single day of notifications that are built up.

On your supported device, swipe down from the top edge of the screen to reveal the Notification Center.

ios 10 notifications clear all

Now all you have to do is 3D Touch on the “x” icon (press deeper, with a bit more force) to reveal the “Clear All Notifications” option.

If you’re using the 9.7 inch or 12.9 inch iPad Pros, you can do the same using Apple Pencil. Just take your Pencil and press deeper on the “x” icon and the same option will be revealed.

Tap the option and all the notifications will be cleared.

No Workaround For Older Devices

I was hoping there would be a way for older devices to also get this feature. something like long press maybe. But Apple hasn’t added support for that yet. If they do, we’ll update this post.

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