iPhone 7 Prototype Shows Off Camera in New Video

iPhone 7 camera video

The iPhone 7 continues to leak out ahead of its official launch later this year, with yet another video making the rounds.

The video was published by the Chinese repair shop GeekBar, which also published a variety of photos showing the same prototype with a functioning display, and running diagnostic software. This new video doesn’t show anything hardware related that we haven’t already seen, but instead shows the camera’s viewfinder activated, and a close-up of the camera housing on the back of the device.

The video runs just over 20 seconds, and we watch as the handler moves the device over the MacBook, and other items on a desk, and we watch as the camera’s viewfinder takes it all in. We can see the device running Apple’s internal testing software, SwitchBoard, too.

Check out the video below:

Recently a video of a Deep Blue iPhone 7 prototype/mockup was published as well, showing what we’ve seen in previous videos and photos, but all in the blue shade. Rumor has it that Apple will actually release a Space Black option, and not a Deep Blue variant, later this year.