New MacBook Pro With OLED Touchbar Won’t Be Unveiled at iPhone 7 Event


Apple’s big MacBook Pro redesign, which is expected to come with a new OLED touchbar above its keyboard, won’t be unveiled at its iPhone 7 event next month, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Mark Gurman reports that “touch screen strip for function keys” won’t be the only thing that’s special about the new MacBook Pros. The machines will also have a thinner form factor, but won’t be tapered like the MacBook and MacBook Air.

“The new MacBook Pros have a smaller footprint than current models and the casing has shallower curves around the edges,” the report adds. The notebooks will also have a wider trackpad, which will obviously include Force Touch.

Perhaps just as exciting as the touchpad will be the new MacBook Pro’s internals. Gurman says it will boast more powerful and efficient graphics processors for things like gaming, with even more powerful models from AMD available to upgrade to.

MacBook Pro users can also look forward to USB-C connectivity, and Touch ID embedded within its power button. It’s not yet clear if the machine will be available in new color options like the 12-inch MacBook.

According to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, these notebooks have been in “advanced testing” at Apple since earlier this year, but they still won’t be ready in time for Apple’s iPhone 7 event, which is expected to take place on September 7.

Apple is expected to bring them to market before the end of 2016, however, and it is hoping they can boost demand for Macs at a time when sales are falling.

[via Bloomberg]