Check out All the New Watch Faces in watchOS 3

watchos 3 new watch faes 2

I’m kind of obsessed with the new watch faces in watchOS 3. Particularly the Activity Analog and Numerals watch face. I find myself constantly wanting to switch between them, and tinker with the appearance. So it’s good that watchOS 3 makes both those things easy. I can switch between them simply by swiping and change their appearance using the Watch app on the iPhone.

All in all, there are three new watch faces. Minnie Mouse, Activity, and Numerals. But actually, the number of unique watch faces you can set up must be closer to invite (my math isn’t strong). Each new watch face can be customized using color, styling, and complications. Plus when it comes to Activity, there are two different watch faces – Activity Digital and Activity Analog. So let’s see what they look like, in all their glory.

Pro tip: If you want to quickly preview watch faces, just go to the Face Gallery section in the Watch app on your iPhone. You’ll see a couple of different combinations of all watch faces, ready to use. And I also think that customizing the watch face on the app is just much faster on the app.

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Minnie Mouse

If you loved the Mickey Mouse watch face, chances are you’ll like this one as well. Or if you always loved Minie Mouse and didn’t think it was fair Mickey got his watch face and Minnie never saw the glory, well, good news.

watchos 3 new watch faes 8

The watch face is similar to the Micky Mouse one. The character’s hands denote the time. You can change the color of Minnie’s dress and tap on it to get an audible cue of the current time – in Minnie’s voice.

Activity Analog

The watch face I’m currently obsessed with. It’s similar to the previous Analog watch face. But here, inside the watch face, you’ll see the three familiar Activity rings. Plus two shortcuts on top and a complication in the bottom (I’ve got Pedometer++ there).

watchos 3 new watch faes 1

There’s just something about the bright colors of the rings, the modern nature of the hands, plus the retro feel of the dial just works for me.

You can customize the styling for the rings and turn them into circles, like those on Chronographs, but I’m personally not a fan of that styling.

watchos 3 new watch faes 5

Activity Digital

Before I discovered the Analog version, the Digital version was my default. And if you’re looking for exact data about your activity, this is the one you’ll like too.

watchos 3 new watch faes 6

It tells you the time on the top (seconds can be disabled) and then Calories. Exercise and Stand time in the bottom, all color coded, of course.


There’s no other way to say this. Numerals watch face is simply – epic. Like, James Bond kind of epic. It’s so elusive, and dark. All you see are the 3 hands, and the hour, written in this bold, stylized text. And only one complication.

watchos 3 new watch faes 10

Also, both the style of the numeral and the color of the watch face are customizable. I’m currently really loving the Blue color. But Red is also pretty cool.

That’s All The Faces, What’s Your Favorite?

What’s your favorite watch face? Did the new watch faces convince you enough to switch over or are you still using the classic faces like Modular? Share your setup with us in the comments below, we’d love to see them!