Future Update to Pokémon GO May Include Trading, Catching Legendaries, and More

Pokemon Go

While Pokémon GO has begun to dip out of the public consciousness a bit, especially compared to its high points after its initial launch, there is still plenty to look forward to from Niantic Labs for the folks still playing.

According to a report from Business Insider, data mined from the game itself shows there are a few new additions headed to the popular title, with a few of them some oft-requested features from the huge player base. The first of which is the ability to trade Pocket Monsters with friends. Terms within the code like “trade_search” and “trade_offer” indicate that Niantic is indeed bringing the ability to the game in the future.

The update also revealed that Niantic is working on bringing a “buddy” Pokémon to the mix as well. If this does indeed land in the game, it would mean users would be able to assign a specific Pocket Monster to be their friend, and they’d walk around with them in the map as they catch other Pokémon and collect candies to evolve the other monsters.

Perhaps one of the biggest additions is even more references to Legendary Pokémon. While Mew and Mewtwo are already mentioned in the game, there’s a new placeholder in the title’s code that reads “activity_catch_legend_pokemon,” suggesting that players will finally have the ability to go out and catch these legendary creatures. Just how that will work out in the game still remains a mystery, though.

There will apparently be new incense brought into the game, which could help players attract specific types of Pokémon. Code in the new update reads “item_incense_floral” and “item_incense_cool,” which, at the very least, suggests there are indeed new types of Incense headed into the game. Finally, there is still indication that players will be able to play Pokémon GO in virtual reality (VR) with some future update.

Are you still playing Pokémon GO?

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