How To Quickly Reply To Messages From Lock Screen in iOS 10

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When you pick up your iPhone after updating to iOS 10, you’ll notice two things. First of all the screen wakes up by itself. And the notifications look different. They look like cards. And you’ll see that there’s no “Reply” option there when you swipe to the left. That’s because there’s a new way to interact with notifications in iOS 10.

3D Touch Notifications To Interact

Now, the default way to interact with notifications is to 3D Touch on it if you’re using an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or the newer devices.

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If you’re using devices that don’t support 3D Touch (like the iPhone SE or the iPad Pro), you’ll need to swipe left on the notification and then tap “View” to get the same popup.

This system works similarly in the Notification Center as well.

What Happens When You 3D Touch

When you 3D Touch a notification from an app like Messages or any other messaging service that’s updated to for iOS 10, you’ll see a preview of the conversation on the top, text input and the keyboard in the bottom.

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So you’ll be able to quickly type a response and send it, all while reading the conversation and viewing other replies.

Before sending the reply you’ll be asked to authenticate by scanning your fingerprint on the Touch ID sensor.

Other Ways To Interact With Notifications

Along with the ability to reply, you’ll also get some Quick Actions when you 3D Touch a notification. This can be an option to Archive an email.

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Plus, if you’re using an app like Uber or something else that’s been updated to include rich previews in iOS 10, you’ll also get live content there. For example, you’ll be able to track your Uber car right there.

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