How To Send Messages with Bubble Effects in iOS 10

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The new Messages app in iOS 10 has made the legendary blue iMessage bubble a lot more exciting. It still looks the same. What’s changed is how it animates when a new message comes in. Doesn’t happen every time but if you choose to, you can make some messages extra special. But making the text super large or slamming the bubble on the screen. It’s fun.

How To Use Bubble Effects

Once you’ve typed your message, before sending it off, 3D Touch (press hard on the screen) the blue “up” arrow icon or long press if you don’t have a 3D Touch supported device.

ios 10 bubble effects

This will bring a whole new screen. Above the blue icon, you’ll see 4 effect options.

chat bubbles ios 10 messages

Loud: Makes the text bigger.
Whisper: Makes the text tiny.
Slam: Slams the bubble in the screen.
Invisible Ink: Makes the message invisible until the user swipes on it with their finger.

invisible ink clearing ios 10 messages

Select on of the options by tapping them, you’ll see a little preview, plus the blue “up” arrow besides them. Tap that to send it along.

Full Screen Effects

But that’s now it. When you’re on the screen for choosing the effects, you’ll notice that there’s a “Screen” tab on the top. Switch to it and you’ll see previews for multiple full screen effects. They’re sick. Some figuratively. Some literally, sickness inducing.

When you switch to the tab, you’ll see the familiar circle icons in the bottom which mean you can swipe between pages. Do that. Swipe left to view the next effect.

ios 10 bubble effects full screen

Found the one you like? Tap the blue “up” button to send the message with the effect.

The full screen effects range from balloons to disco lasers, to fireworks.

full screen effects ios 10

Some of the effects are enabled automatically, just by sending messages like “Happy birthday” or “Happy new year”.

That’s It For The Effects

That’s all the effects there are in the new iOS 10 app. But the fun doesn’t stop here. Lots and lots of new feature to explore. check out our guides below.

What’s your favorite bubble effect? Share with us in the comments below.