TSMC and Apple Reportedly Working on 10nm A11 Chips for Devices in 2017

TSMC lobby

Apple’s A-branded chips will continue to be improved upon in 2017, as made evident in a new report.

According to unnamed sources speaking to DigiTimes, Apple and TSMC are working together on a 10-nanometer processor, which is known as the A11 processor, which is expected to go into production later in 2017. The report states that the processors will make use of TSMC’s integrated fan-out, or InFO, design, along with wafer-level packaging (WLP).

Unfortunately the report does not provide any further details on the manufacturing process, or just what devices in 2017 will be getting the new processors.

This is a repot that echoes one from back in May of this year, stating that Apple and TSMC are indeed working on 10nm A11 chips. That original report stated that TSMC had earned upwards of two-thirds of all orders for Apple’s chip in 2017, with Samsung taking the rest of the orders. However, since then, reports have surfaced that suggested TSMC has secured 100% of the A11 chip orders, at least in the 2017 iPhone.

[via DigiTimes]