Twitter for iOS Now Features Night Mode

Twitter iOS Night Mode

Reading Twitter via the official app at night can be a bit tough, thanks to the fact it hasn’t featured a “Night Mode.”

But that’s finally changing. Twitter officially announced today that the iOS app is receiving an update that will bring with it Night Mode. This will enable a dark-themed interface for the app, which should make it easier to keep tabs on what’s happening within your feed even when the lights are off.

Night Mode saw an initial release for Android users back in July. Some iOS users were able to take part in a beta for the iOS version of the feature, though, and apparently that went well enough for the platform to launch it to the public today.

Turning on the new feature is easy enough: Tap on the Gear icon to access the Settings, and then just switch over the “Turn on night mode.” If you want to turn it off, just follow the same steps and deactivate the feature.

The update for Twitter begins rolling out today.

[via @Twitter]