What’s New in iOS 10 Beta 5

ios 10 homescreen 1

Apple has finally dropped the 5th instalment of the iOS 10 beta. This means we’re maybe only 1-2 betas away from the Golden Master (hopefully). With about a month to go for the September event and expected iOS 10 release date, things are heating up for iOS 10.

But not in beta land. The most radical of changes and step backs occurred in the first few betas. Now Apple’s just taking care of smoothing out the edges. Here’s what’s new in the iOS 10 Beta 5.

Smart Battery Case Now Works

If you’re using Apple’s Smart Battery Case, you’ll be glad to know that it will now work properly with your iPhone running iOS 10.

Photos AI Data Reset

I went through this in Beta 4 as well. Looks like Apple is still playing around with the AI and facial recognition data in the Photo app. It’s been reset yet again. So if you have a lot of photos, be prepared for a new scanning process. It could take a couple of hours.

New Lock Sound

After the new updated keyboard sounds in the Beta 4 (where Space and Delete key got unique sounds), the lock sound has changed in Beta 5. The legendary sound is replaced by something that sounds more like you’re closing a door. Listen to it on this link (via Federico Viticci).

Music Control Center Card Tweaked

ios 10 beta 5 control center 2

The Now Playing card in the Control Center has been slightly tweaked, design wise. The screenshot on the left is from Beta 4 and the one on the right is from Beta 5.

ios 10 beta 5 control center

New Output Icon

ios 10 beta 5 music app output icon

Along with the changes in the Control Center, the “Output” icon for selecting media output in the Music app has been changed as well from the classic “AirPlay” style icon to something more circular and radio like.

Date In The Home screen Widgets View

The Today view on the Home screen has been updated to include the date and the day as well. Beta 4 added this to the Today view in Notification Center.

iso 10 beta 5 date

Darker Widget Backgrounds

This was sorely needed and I hoped it was taken care of by GM. Thankfully, Apple has made the translucent widget backgrounds much darker in Beta 5. In previous betas, it was almost impossible to view content that had thin type. Check out the screenshots below. The one on the left is Beta 4 and the one on the right is Beta 5. Much better.

ios 10 beta 5 widgets darker

Anything Else?

Did we miss something? Share with us in the comments below.