App Store Ads are Now Live, Developers Can Purchase Spots


Back in June of this year, Apple detailed how the new advertisements embedded in the App Store would work, as the service tested itself in beta ahead of a public launch.

Now, those App Store ads are now live, and developers can go ahead and purchase ad space if they so desire. Developers were, up to this point, able to participate in the beta for the rollout of ads, but those ads were not being pushed out to public users accessing the App Store.

The ads are meant to help developers get visibility for their game or app, based on bidding. The ad space is made available through an auction system, and the winner will have ads displayed on one page of the search results. On Apple’s part, the ads are clearly marked when compared to the rest of the App Store search results.

Ads are built on a cost-per-tap model, and there’s no minimum developers need to fork over to get their ads seen by App Store users. Developers only pay Apple when the ad is tapped by a user, which should help in some instances. And, as of right now, Apple is giving a free $100 credit to developers who sign up for the ad program.