Apple Music Exclusives Continue with Drake’s ‘Please Forgive Me’ Short Film


Drake has been one of many artists to launch exclusives behind the Apple Music paywall, and the trend continues with a brand new short film starring the artist.

Drake has officially launched a brand new short film entitled, Please Forgive Me, which combines plenty of genres and features the music from his latest album release, Views (which was also an Apple Music launch exclusive). The film combines several different elements from longer films, like Taken, Indecent Proposal, and others. The film stars Drake in the protagonist role.

The film itself was filmed in Soweto, South Africa, and was directed by Anthony Mandler. The short film’s plot revolves around Drake’s unnamed girlfriend agreeing to a $1 million tryst. The plan, of course, is to simply make off with the money but that doesn’t work out, and the action kicks off from there.

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you’ll be able to check out the video from today.

Apple, and the company’s streaming music service, has been facing quite a bit of backlash for its exclusive as of late, especially since the launch of Frank Ocean’s Blonde album back in August.

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