Apple Releases Swift Playgrounds for the iPad


Earlier this year, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company officially unveiled Swift Playgrounds, a means to help kids learn how to code right on the iPad.

While Swift Playgrounds was certainly aimed at kids, the application, which is meant to make learning how to code fun, and a tad easier than some other lessons out there, it will also help anyone out there who wants to learn how to code. Apple has recently also confirmed that it will deploy Swift Playgrounds across the United States in schools as part of its ConnectED platform.

With Swift Playgrounds, students will go through a variety of dedicated lesson plans, all broken down for easy tracking. Each lesson will go over certain elements of coding, and let users master puzzles and games as they learn how to code. Students will create functions, issue commands, and much more as they guide animated characters through a new world.

To use Swift Playgrounds, you’ll need an iPad mini 2 or later in that particular family of devices, as well as any variant of the iPad Air and iPad Pro models. You’ll need to be running iOS 10 to launch the app — which was just released to the public.

Do you plan on checking out Swift Playgrounds?