Apple Silently Removing HomeKit Support for 3rd Gen. Apple TV with iOS 10


Apple is silently removing HomeKit support from 3rd generation Apple TV with the iOS 10 update. Apple has introduced a new Home app in iOS 10 that will allow users to access and manage their HomeKit-compatible devices remotely through it.

The 3rd generation Apple TV has supported HomeKit since it was initially announced by Apple in 2014. It has acted as a hub for all other HomeKit accessories and many users have been using it all this time to relay commands to other HomeKit devices in their home.

The reason behind this move from Apple remains unclear, but the company has confirmed this news through its @AppleSupport account to customers who have been enquiring about this issue.

Apple had stopped selling the third generation Apple TV from its stores from early last week.

The new Home app in iOS 10 allows users to set up rooms and combine a bunch of tasks into one with scenes.

With Apple TV 3 not getting access to the tvOS App Store, it was just a matter of time before Apple decided to completely replace it in favor of Apple TV 4 running tvOS 10.

[Via MacRumors]