Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown Reveals Bigger Battery, Design Changes


Just hours after making its official debut, Apple Watch Series 2 has been torn apart by iFixit for our entertainment. The teardown reveals a bigger battery, changes to the internal layout of the Watch’s components, and some design tweaks that make for greater water-resistance.

iFixit tore open the 38mm Apple Watch Series 2 as soon as it went on sale in key markets around the world this morning. One of the most interesting findings is a bigger battery, which now has a 273mAh capacity up from 205mAh in the original Apple Watch.

That’s a 32 percent increase in power, though you may not notice it much. Apple Watch Series 2 has new components — including a built-in GPS and a brighter display — which will require more power. In actual use, then, battery life is likely to remain about the same.

Apple Watch Series 2 battery

Given that the design of the Apple Watch Series 2 remains almost identical to that of the original, not a great deal has changed. iFixit found the same sensor layout on the back of the device for detecting things like heart rate. However, there are some subtle tweaks.

Firstly, Apple Watch Series 2 is held together by much stronger adhesive, which helps make it more water-resistant. This model is “swim-proof” and suitable for taking in water up to 50 meters deep, while last year’s model was just splash-proof.

Apple Watch Series 2 Taptic Engine

Apple now uses “ZIF” connectors to connect the Apple Watch Series 2 components to the logic board, rather than the “awkward press connectors” used for last year’s model. This makes the device easier to repair — assuming you don’t have any problems getting it apart.

The other big change with Apple Watch Series 2 is its new speaker. Unlike last year’s model, it is able to pump water out using sound vibrations to ensure that it doesn’t prevent the speaker from working normally after a swim workout.

Apple Watch Series 2 speaker

iFixit noticed some other minor changes to the internal layout of Apple Watch Series 2’s components, but nothing too significant to report. Aside from the introduction of new components and a bigger battery, everything else remains mostly the same.

Are you getting Apple Watch Series 2 today?

[via iFixit]