Cool Video Shows Apple Watch Series 2 Speaker Ejecting Water in Slo-Mo


Apple told us all about Apple Watch Series 2’s fancy new speaker, which has the ability to eject water after getting wet, during its big keynote earlier this month. But the fascinating video below actually demonstrates the trick in slow-motion.

As Apple explained during its Apple Watch Series 2 unveiling, it cannot make the device completely watertight because the speaker grille must remain open. Without air, you simply wouldn’t wouldn’t be able to hear it.

The only problem is, once the speaker gets wet, liquid can cause sound to become muffled and distorted. To get around this, Apple developed a new one that has the ability to eject water using vibrations after the Apple Watch has gotten wet.

The slow-motion video below from Nathan Smart shows off this new feature.

It’s quite impressive watching the water being forced out like that, and it shows just how effective Apple Watch Series 2’s speaker really is at doing this job. This is one of the things that makes Series 2 a much more attractive option than Series 1.

To make the rest of the Series 2 water-resistant, Apple has used additional gaskets to protect internal components, and stronger adhesive that prevents liquid from getting into the device in between its display and housing. Take a look at the teardown to see for yourself.

[via 9to5Mac]