How to Control the Brightness of the Flashlight in iOS 10

iphone flash

There are certain features in iOS 10 that are limited to devices with 3D Touch support such as clearing all notifications in Notification Center and interactive notifications. Another example is using 3D Touch in Control Center to perform quick actions.

When it comes to the Flashlight icon in Control Center, you can adjust the level of brightness such as low, medium or high. To find out how, read the steps below.

How to Control the Brightness of the Flashlight in iOS 10

Step 1: On your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center.

Step 2: Press firmly on the Flashlight/Torch icon.

control flash brightness ios 10

Step 3: The 3D Touch menu will appear with three options:

  • Light Intensity
  • Medium Intensity
  • High Intensity
control flash brightness ios 10

Step 4: Tap on any one of the options to set the intensity of the flashlight.

Depending on the intensity you choose, the brightness of the flash will be adjusted to become bright or dim.  This is quite useful when you only need a dim flashlight, especially when you’re battery is low. You can also use 3D Touch for the Camera, Calculator and Timer apps in Control Center to access their shortcut menu.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available for devices that have 3D Touch such as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and above. If you own a non-3D Touch device then there’s no way that you can take advantage of this functionality.

There’s also no jailbreak available for iOS 10, otherwise, you could take advantage of Cydia tweaks that bring 3D Touch-like functionality to older devices.

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