How to Install iOS 10 Right Now

iOS 10 comes with exciting new features such as Lock screen widgets, screen effects in the Messages app, Raise to Wake and many more. The Grand Master (GM) build was released to developers right after Apple’s keynote on Wednesday and the final build will be officially released to all users on September 13.

Method 1: Apple Public Beta Program (Recommended)

If you have already enrolled in Apple’s public beta program then you can install the GM version of iOS 10 on your device right now, as it has already been made available to registered users. To install it, all you have to do is to go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and you should see a pending update for iOS 10.

If you haven’t enrolled in the program yet, then you can read our article to find out how to signup for the Apple Beta Software Program and install the firmware.

Method 2: Using Xcode & iTunes

If you don’t feel like going through the fuss of signing up for the beta program and the pain of leaving it, then there’s a workaround that will allow you to download the GM version of iOS 10 right now. It is a little bit complicated but gets the work done.

Before continuing, make sure to read the following important points:

  • Take a complete backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via iTunes or iCloud, so that you can restore in case something goes wrong during the upgrade process.
  • Check this list to find out if your device is compatible with iOS 10.
  • A Mac is required to update to iOS 10 using the steps below.

How to Install iOS 10 Right Now

Step 1: Go to the Apple Xcode page and click on the download button.

download xcode 8

Step 2: Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in. After logging in, if you don’t have a free developer membership, you’ll be asked to create one.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Download Xcode 8’ link to start the download process.

download xcode 8

Step 4: Once the download has been completed, double click on the file to install it on your Mac. Xcode needs to be installed on your Mac so that you can update to iOS 10 via iTunes otherwise you will get an error message and your device will be wiped.

Step 5: The next step is to download the iOS 10 GM IPSW file. Find your device in the list below and download the file:



iPod Touch:

Step 6: Now you have to install iOS 10 onto your device using iTunes.

  • Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your Mac.
  • Launch iTunes and go to the Summary tab.
  • Hold down the Option/Alt key and click on the “Update” button. If you want to wipe all the data on your iPhone and start afresh, then hold the Option/Alt key and click the “Restore” button.
  • Browse and select the iOS 10 IPSW file you downloaded earlier.

iTunes will now start to update your device to iOS 10. Once done, you will have the latest firmware installed on your device. The final build of iOS 10 will be released to the public on September 13 and may contain bug fixes that were found in iOS 10 GM. If no bugs were found then you’re good to go with this firmware.

Let us know how the process goes in the comments below.

Hat Tip: LifeHacker