How to Use the New iOS 10 Features in Photos App

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Photos app is smarter than ever. It knows which photos are the best and loops them up for you. It will now let you search for objects within photos, and identify faces for you. To make it easy to share the best memories from your trip, it will even automatically create a highlights video for you. Read to find out how to use all those new features in the new Photos app in iOS 10.

1. Search Places, People and Objects

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In iOS 10, Apple is using Siri’s new AI brain to help you search for more than 4000 objects inside the photos you took. Just tap the “Search” button from any tabs and start searching for either places, people, or things.

You can search for things like Horse, Bottle, Cup, Glasses etc and you’ll see category pages for the search term if any of your photos contain the object you’re looking for.

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2. New Memories Tab

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Photos app has a new Memories tab. Here, again, using Siri’s AI brain, the app automatically creates “memories”. They’re like albums, but created based on different contexts. What you did the weekend, or at a particular palace or when you went on a trip.

This is a great feature because you’ll only find your best shots here. And it’s becoming increasingly hard to find the best photos from the hundreds we take on vacations, and doing all that manually.

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3. Auto Generate Videos

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When you go into a memory, you’ll see an automatically generated video on the top. This is like a highlights video. It has all the best photos, live photos, and videos from the album. You can change the theme, and make the video longer. Go into options to change the title and the background music.

This is another great way to share the memory of your trip with your friends or on social media. The auto-generated video is everywhere. Wherever there’s a list of photos, you’ll see the video on top. You can create an album and manually add all the media to create a video with just the pictures you want.

4. Edit Recognized Faces

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The new Photos app recognizes faces, but the app won’t add names or associate them with a contact. That needs to be done manually by you. So go to the Albums section, tap on Faces and tap on a face to see all their photos. Then tap on the “Add name” section on top to give this face a name.

You can even add faces as favorites. Next time you want to see all the photos of your kid or your partner, just go to the Faces album and tap on their avatar, easy.

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Your Favorite New iOS 10 Feature

What are your favorite new features in iOS 10? Share with us in the comments below.