iOS 10 Installation Failing For Some Users; Soft Bricking iPhones and iPads

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Apple has just released iOS 10 and it looks like the rollout is running into some issues. Many people are reporting that after the OTA update is downloaded on their iPhone or iPad, the installation process is failing which ends up soft bricking their device with a Connect to iTunes screen.

Users are then forced to use iTunes to restore their iPad or iPhone back to a working state. The issue is primarily being faced by 12.9-inch iPad Pro users, though many iPhone users are also reporting the same issue.

In case you have not already started updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10, my recommendation would be to take a complete backup before starting the update process. If you end up soft bricking it, you will have to restore the firmware using iTunes which means all your data will be lost.

To be on the safe side, you can update your iPhone or iPad using iTunes instead of downloading the OTA update.

Did you run into the same issue while updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10? Drop a comment and let us know.


To make matters worse, restoring soft bricked iPhone or iPad via iTunes is not working for many as users are being greeted with “An unknown error occurred (1671).” error. This is likely due to a server issue. If you are getting a similar error, trying restoring your iPhone or iPad using iTunes after a few hours.