iPhone 7 Beats Samsung Galaxy S7 in Deep Water Test

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, side by side...

On paper, the Galaxy S7 (and S7 edge) have a better water-resistance rating than the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from Apple. The iPhone 7 features an IP67 certification that makes it water-resistant for up to 30 mins in 1m of fresh water.

The Galaxy S7 features an IP68 certification that makes it water-resistant for up to 30 mins in 1.5m of depth. A small difference, but one that apparently does not matter in real life as a test from EverythingApplePro shows. Dunking both phones in 5ft., 10ft., 15ft, 20ft. for up to 5 mins each had no impact on them at all despite the depth being significantly higher than their what their respective OEM officially claims.

It was only when being dunked to a depth of 35ft. that the Galaxy S7’s water resistant seal gave up. The iPhone 7 did manage to survive the test in a working condition, but water did seep into the handset since its display started showing some light bleeding. Technically, the iPhone 7 also failed the deep water test at 35ft. but it did manage to come out in a working condition, unlike the Galaxy S7.

So, while the iPhone 7’s water-resistance abilities are much better than what Apple will lead us to believe, it does not mean that you should go around dunking the phone in water. Remember that the water-resistance seal inside the phone will deteriorate over time due to wear and tear and that Apple does not cover liquid damage under its one-year limited warranty.

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