An iPhone 7 Exploded While in Transit, an Isolated Incident


One of the biggest revolving stories of the last month has been the faulty batteries in some Galaxy Note 7 units from Samsung.

The issue eventually forced Samsung to issue a formal recall, to which the company has been working to outfit Galaxy Note 7 owners with replacement units, with safe batteries, that will not, hopefully, explode. So obviously if the issue crops up again, it will get media coverage.

Especially when an iPhone 7 explodes.

But, this situation is quite different than Samsung’s widespread problem. Specifically, as reported by BGR, the Matte Black iPhone 7 in question exploded while in transit — not while being charged, or even out of the box and in a customer’s hand. The image above, which does indeed show an exploded iPhone, surfaced on Reddit from user “kroopthesnoop.”

This is not like Samsung’s faulty battery issue, and it would appear to be an isolated incident. This iPhone 7 was already destroyed before “kroopthesnoop” even opened the box, and they found the device like this. Details as to why this happened aren’t available now, but obviously something happened along the way.

At the time of publication, Apple nor UPS have commented on the issue, but an investigation is surely already in the works.

[via BGR]