iPhone 7 Teardown Reveals ‘Incredibly Thin’ TSMC Fabricated A10 Fusion Chip, Intel Modem, and 2GB RAM


The folks over at Chipworks have gotten a close look at the A10 Fusion chip inside an iPhone 7 and have posted some interesting details about it. 

The A10 Fusion chip inside the iPhone 7 that Chipworks tore down was made by TSMC. It remains unclear if Samsung is also fabricating chips for Apple this year like it did with the A9 chip last year. While the publication is still working on finding out the process node of the chip, it does note that the 125sq. mm chip is “incredibly thin, giving credibility to the reports that TSMC’s InFO packaging technique is being used.” The 2GB RAM inside the iPhone 7 is being supplied by Samsung and is similar to the one found on the iPhone 6s.

Interestingly, the modem inside the iPhone 7 unit of Chipworks was an Intel Baseband Processor PMB9943. The company has also supplied Apple with two RF transceiver and a power management IC, with the whole package likely being a part of Intel’s much rumored XMM 7360 platform.

It was already rumored that Apple is using two different modems on the iPhone this year. In the US, the company has stuck to a modem from Qualcomm for CDMA-compatible variants of the iPhone 7, while in other regions, it has used Intel’s modem.

Lastly, Chipworks confirms that the NAND storage on the iPhone 7 is being dual sourced by Apple from Hynix and Toshiba. This is for the 128GB variant, and it remains to be seen if the 256GB iPhones are using 3D NAND to reduce the NAND height.

The iPhone 7 Plus has already had its teardown down by iFixit which revealed that it comes with 3GB RAM and a bigger 2900mAh battery.

[Via Chipworks]