Karalux 24K Gold-Plated iPhone 7 Features a Dragon and Diamonds


Karalux is based out of Vietnam, and the company is known for its luxury gold-plating of devices, especially Apple devices, and the company is back at it again.

As surfaced by GSMArena, Karalux now has the first demonstrations of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus featuring a 24K gold-plated redesign. The 24K gold-plating service is now available for folks out there in the wild who have either one of Apple’s newest flagship devices, but feel like they might want a bit more shine on their daily driver.

According to the report, the gold-plating service can take up to eight hours, and there are 20 different stages to the endeavor. A nano-coating is placed over the entirety of the handset’s gold-plated covering to make sure the precious metal doesn’t get scratched. Karalux is also offering engraving, which can include the owner’s name, a signature, or a logo.

Prices are, as expected, not cheap. For a 32GB iPhone 7, the gold-plating will cost $1,900. Move up to the 128GB iPhone 7 and the process costs $2,400. Finally, the 256GB iPhone 7 gold-plating will cot $2,600. If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, though, you’ll need fork over $2,000 for the 32GB model, $2,500 for the 128GB variant, and $2,700 for the 256GB model.

But that’s not all. Karalux is taking it a step further by throwing in a dragon and diamonds, too. There’s an option for a 24K gold-plated iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus that also features a 24K dragon on the back, and a diamond-encrusted Apple logo as well. The 128GB iPhone 7 costs $4,000 to get the work done here, while the iPhone 7 Plus will cost $4,500.

What do you think of Karalux’s new 24K gold-plated iPhones?

[via GSMArena]