Latest iPhone 7 Leak Claims Handset Can Record 4K Videos at 60FPS; To Feature Capacitive Home Button and New Colors


A Vietnamese website member says that he has managed to spend some time with the iPhone 7 and has revealed quite a few details about the handset. Since there are no photos, it is tough to corroborate whether the leak is true or not, so take everything you read below with a pinch of salt.

The member says that Apple will indeed be offering the iPhone 7 in two new colors. The one that will replace the Space Gray color will have a matte finish, with even the Apple logo being done in the same finish. The new Silver color will continue to have a shiny Apple logo. The member also reveals that the design of the volume buttons on the iPhone 7 has changed slightly and they are now located directly on the chassis of the handset, instead of being placed in a concave frame.

Interestingly, the member reveals that the 12MP shooter on the iPhone 7 will be capable of recording videos in 4K resolution at 60FPS. No other smartphone is capable of recording videos at such a high resolution and FPS right now. With the A10 chipset inside the iPhone 7 reportedly being 35% faster than the iPhone 6s, there definitely is no lack of horsepower for the new iPhones to record videos in 4K resolution at 60FPS. This move from Apple will also make sense as to why it plans on doubling the storage space on the new iPhones across the board.

The member also confirmed that the new iPhones will come with a home button that looks identical to the one on the iPhone 6s except that it is capacitive in nature. Most people, however, will not be able to tell the difference due to Force Touch that will simulate the feeling of the button being pressed akin to how the trackpad on Apple’s MacBook works. Lastly, to ensure the IPX7 rating, the member says that the new SIM card tray on the iPhone 7 will have a rubber seal around it.

Again, due to the lack of any pictures, it is tough to believe the leak outright. But then the member does reveal some pretty interesting details about the iPhone 7 that definitely seem plausible.

What do you think? Being able to record 4K videos at 60FPS definitely sounds impressive to me!

[Via Tinhte]