Top 10 Sticker Packs for Messages App in iOS 10

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Stickers in iMessages are the hot new thing. Much better than use words, really. And there are all sorts of them. Fun ones, nerdy ones, annoying ones, and of course, Mario.

It’s day one of iOS 10 release so the App Store is filled with $0.99 sticker apps. But we’re here to tell you, not all of them rock. But we’ve found ones that do. Check out our tips picks for sticker apps below.

Pro tip: Before dropping a sticker in a conversation, pinch out with another finger to expand the sticker.

1. Super Mario Run Stickers


The only right way to start this list is with Mr Mario the plumber. Super Mario Run isn’t coming to iOS 10 till the end of the year, but the sticker pack is here to keep you company. This pack will give you classic elements from the Mario world, complete with versions of the Mario character, his hat and moustache as well.

Download: Super Mario Run Stickers

2. Bubbly Pico


You might remember the Pico character from other apps. Well Pico is now available in iMessage in this free sticker pack. There are lots of different stickers to choose from.

Download: Bubbly Pico

3. Monstermoji


You know what’s cute? Monsters. At least, in the Monstermoji sticker pack. You get more than 25 stickers, with a range of emotions all from surprised to enraged. The app costs $0.99 but I have to say, the stickers look pretty fun.

Download: Monstermoji

4. Places: Stamps and Stickers


If you’re a stamp nerd, you’re going to like this app. The stickers, which are stylised as stamps, look gorgeous. The attention to detail on these things is amazing. You can now share stickers from cities like Rome, London, NYC and lot more. It’s a great way to communicate your travel plans or aspirations.

Download: Places: Stamps and Sitckers

5. The Iconfactory Mega Pack


Iconfactory is an indie app studio that makes Twitterrific, among other apps. On day one, you’ve release 8 sticker packs. They’re simple ones. Ranging from Route 66 stickers, to Pixel World to Floriography.


6. Slicker Stickers


Slicker Stickers is a collection of variety of stickers, from various artists. It’s from JibJab and they’re stylized in a funky yet minimal manner.

Download: Slicker Stickers

7. Nounji


For me, this is the most surprising sticker pack. You see, The Noun Project is this awesome site where designers can find all kinds of icons, for free. Now, they’ve turned their vast resource of icons into an iMessage app.

So if you want to communication something using icons instead of words, Nounji will probably have your back.

Download: Nounji

8. Comic Talk


Comic bubble text are pretty cool. What’s much more cooler are the effects that we see in comics. Comic Talk brings those effects, for text like “OMG”, “GULP” and more, in the form of stickers. The app costs $0.99.

Download: Comic Talk

9. Doodler


Doodler is an app that allows you to doodle on your iPhone. Now, using the iMessage app, you can convert those doodles into reusable stickers. They’re pretty cool.

Download: Doodler

10. Emoji Sticker Pack


What’s better than emojis? Emojis that are stickers. This sticker pack is full of fun emojis.

Download: Emoji Sticker Pack

Your Favorite Sticker Packs

What are some of your favorite sticker packs? Share with us in the comments below.