Apple Investigating Two iPhone 6s Plus Units That Caught Fire


As it stands right now, Samsung has (temporarily) halted production of the Galaxy Note 7, after a growing number of reports of replacement units catching fire.

And now Apple has found itself in a similar, albeit smaller, situation. According to a report from ABC30, Apple is currently investigating two separate reports of iPhone 6s Plus units catching fire in the last week.

The latest report comes from owner Yvette Estrada, who says that her iPhone 6s Plus caught fire while it was placed on her bed-side table. Sometime during the night the phone caught fire, with the fire emerging from the display. Her husband tossed the burning phone into a kitchen sink, luckily avoiding extra damage or injuries. However, the phone burned long enough and hot enough to damage not only two Apple Watch stands, but also the dresser itself and a pair of glasses.

Since the fire, Estrada has spoken with Apple, and the company has offered to replace the Apple Watch stands, and also offered a replacement charger and a free replacement for the iPhone 6s Plus. However, Apple did say that if she wants to switch to the iPhone 7, she’d have to pay for it.

The second report comes from the east coast, with a student by the name of Darin Hlavaty, who says that his iPhone 6s Plus was in his back pocket, and the battery was dead, when it suddenly started smoking and caught fire. Hlavaty wasn’t injured, it seems.

In late September it was reported that an iPhone 7 had caught fire and faced heavy damage while in transit, so when the owner opened up their phone they found it destroyed inside, but that was an isolated incident. At this point, Apple is looking into the burning iPhone 6s Plus units.

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