How to Adapt to the New Features and Changes in iOS 10

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iOS 10 brings a lot of different changes. Lock screen has been redesigned completely. There a whole different way to interact with notifications. Major apps like Music and News have been redesigned from the ground up. That’s a lot of change, especially when it hits you the second after you upgrade your iPhone.

So we’ve got some tips for you on how to better adjust to everything that’s new.

Pick Up and Press Home To Unlock

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If you have an iPhone 6s and above, you no longer need to use the Sleep/Wake button to wake your phone up. Simply picking the phone up from a surface will light up the display and you’ll see the Lock screen right there.

Then just press the Home button to unlock the device.

This is a big change. But now it’s easier to do two different things.

  • If you want to see the time, the notifications or access the widgets, just pick the phone up.
  • If you want to unlock the phone and go to the Home screen, just press the home button. With one press, you’re now unlocked and on the Home screen.

Embrace 3D Touch


If you’re the kind of likes to optimize how much time they spend dealing with notifications and emails on the phone, you’ll like the new 3D Touch actions in iOS 10.

Start from the Lock screen. 3D Touch a notification to get options like replying, archiving an email and more.

You can 3D Touch in a lot more places in iOS 10. App icon shows widgets.

Don’t Be Afraid To Swipe Everywhere

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One of the biggest problems with the changes in iOS 10 is that a lot of stuff is now hidden away. The Control Center, for example, now has panes. The Shuffle button in the Music app is hidden literally below the Now Playing screen.

So if you want to conquer iOS 10, your best strategy is to explore everywhere, start swiping.

Or Just Try To Go Back

We don’t mean downgrade to iOS 9 (Apple will make sure that’s not even possible, in a while). We mean you can try to disable some of the new features.

For example, you can disable the Lock screen widgets, or the whole “Press home to Unlock” feature.

How Are You Adopting to iOS 10?

What steps are you taking to fully embrace iOS 10? Share with us in the comments below.