iPhone 6 ‘Touch Disease’ Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Gains Momentum With Addition of Three New Law Firms

iPhone 6 Touch Disease

The class action lawsuit against Apple for the ‘Touch Disease’ of the iPhone 6 Plus has gained momentum as the lawyers who filed the initial class action lawsuit earlier this fall have signed on three additional law firms to support their case. Another class action lawsuit for the same issue has also been filed against Apple in Utah.

The ‘Touch Disease’ issue on the iPhone 6 Plus leads to the touchscreen on the handset becoming unresponsive. The issue has nothing to do with a faulty screen or LCD, but with two touch IC controllers losing contact from the phone’s motherboard due to it bending. This happens because the motherboard/chassis of the device are not reinforced that leads to them bending over a period of time (remember bendgate?).

All iPhone 6 Plus customers affected by the Touch Disease are offered a replacement unit from Apple that also end up developing the same issue in a few days or months. For out of warranty devices, Apple is asking users for $329 to repair the device which involves giving them a refurbished device. Under no case though, Apple is performing a board-level repair that involves soldering the touch IC chips to the logic board which is the ideal fix in this scenario.

Despite thousands of iPhone 6 Plus owners being affected by the touch disease, Apple has not acknowledged the issue publicly. However, with the lawsuits gaining momentum, it is just a matter of time before Apple will have to accept that the problem exists and compensate affected owners accordingly.

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