MacBook Pro Touch Bar Will Show Standard Function Keys in Windows Running Boot camp


One of the major tentpole features in Apple’s new MacBook Pro models, most of them anyway, is a brand new OLED Touch Bar.

With that Touch Bar, context-based software buttons will show up, or other functions, which allow for more interactive ways to use some apps. It’s a quick way to slide through pictures, or change colors while editing a photo. There are a variety of use cases, least of which appears to show the row of Function keys the Touch Bar is replacing.

For Windows users that want to pick up the new MacBook Pro, there’s good news. A MacRumors reader reached out to Apple’s Craig Federighi through email, and asked if it’s a reasonable assumption that the Touch Bar will show the standard Function keys while using Boot Camp and running Windows. And, sure enough, that is indeed the case:

“Craig, am I correct in assuming that the Touch Bar becomes a row of visual function keys when using Windows with Boot Camp?”

Federighi: “You are indeed!”

Taking Federighi for his word, that would mean the Touch Bar should show F1 through F12 on its OLED strip, as well as an ESC key. There’s no way of knowing right now if that means there are other options, like music playback or changing the display’s brightness. But, as it stands, that’s good to know for Windows users.

[via MacRumors]