New MacBook Pros Lack Iconic Mac Startup Chime; Boot Up Automatically When You Open Lid


One of the little-known features of the new MacBook Pro models from Apple is that they automatically boot up when you open their lid. Previously, and on most laptops, one needs to press the power button to boot the laptop.

On all the three new MacBook Pro models that Apple unveiled last week though, opening the lid of the laptop is enough to boot them into macOS. It is likely that the introduction of the new super fast SSDs that is capable of reaching speeds of up to 3.1GB/s influenced Apple’s decision here. The speedy SSD should ensure that the difference between the new MacBook Pro models waking up from sleep and a fresh boot should only be a few seconds.

This change has led the Cupertino to remove the iconic Mac startup chime from its new MacBook Pro lineup. Since the new MacBook Pro now automatically boot when the lid is opened, the startup chime was deemed unnecessary.

The startup chime on Macs was first used in 1991 to denote that the startup diagnostic tests found no issues with the hardware or software. The initial startup chime had a C major chord, but since 1998, Apple has used a sharp F-sharp chord sound in all its Macs.

Are you going to miss the iconic startup chime on the new MacBook Pro?

[Via Pingie]