Pokémon GO is Adding Bonuses for Catching Pokémon in a Future Update


Niantic Labs continues to work and tweak Pokémon GO, listening to its player base and adding features and tweaking other elements, to keep fans coming back, like adding Apple Watch support.

One way to do that is to not only keep working on those updates, but also release public posts regarding what the company is working on, so that they’ll know what’s coming down the pipe, giving them something to look forward to. That trend continues with a couple of new Facebook posts from the company, both of which outlines some new features coming to the augmented reality mobile game.

First of which is the inclusion of bonuses for catching a pocket monster. Right now catching them only levels up the player’s character, which gets them points. However, in a future update, trainers will catch a Pokémon and then get a catch bonus for earned medals, which will level up based on the type of pocket monster obtained.

According to Niantic, this will increase the odds of catching a rare Pokémon, and should make the grind for low-level players a bit easier, and more worthwhile.

Soon after that first Facebook post went live, Niantic went ahead and teased another part of a future update coming down the pipe as well, which will allow players to train at gyms, which are controlled by the team they have aligned themselves with, to train up to six Pokémon instead of just one. On top of that, the combat power (CP) of the pocket monsters in that gym will be adjusted to match the level of the player.

This secondary update is meant to make it possible for low-level players to have fun in gyms, too, especially those that have been taken over for some time. It means that those players can actually go into a gym that may have other high-level players in it and not feel like they’re completely wasting their time.

As for when the updates will arrive, that remains to be seen.

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