Some 2nd- and 3rd-Generation Apple TVs Not Working Properly; Fix on the Way


An issue that has been plaguing some second- and third-generation Apple TV owners is starting to impact many more owners.

According to a report from MacRumors, based off feedback from affected Apple TV owners, a known bug is beginning to impact many more set-box owners. The issue has apparently been around for awhile, but over the last few days additional Apple TV owners are reaching out, in forums like Reddit, trying to find a fix.

Those affected by the bug are seeing their menu options drastically reduced to three: Music, Computers, and Settings. All of their Apple TV channels, like Hulu, Netflix, and others, are not accessible at all. Restarting the Apple TV, or resetting the modem, does not appear to fix the issue at all. Some users have reported that changing the DNS settings have brought the normal app channels back, but it is only a temporary fix, as they disappear again.

“All I see is a computer and settings option. In the settings option I have access to everything except the main menu setting. There’s absolutely nothing in there as an option. I’ve restarted my Apple TV as well as my AirPort Extreme. I’ve reset the Apple TV and I inserted all the info back in like my iCloud acct etc. it obviously is logging onto the Internet since I was able to connect my iCloud account. One other strange thing is that my iTunes won’t recognize the Apple TV when I plug it in directly to my Mac mini via a USB cable. It just doesn’t show up. What the heck happened? Apple do you have an explanation for this one?”

According to one Reddit user, Apple support staff informed them that the bug is known by the company and that a fix was incoming. Another user said they received the same information from Apple, and that the fix could arrive within a few hours.

Are you seeing any issues with your second- or third-generation Apple TV?

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