Apple Reportedly Considering Launching ‘Smart Glasses’


Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has an obvious passion for augmented reality, and a new report might shed some light on what that could turn into eventually.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is reportedly considering launching a pair of smart glasses. The report cites information gathered from people familiar with the matter, and it says that Apple is still in the “exploration phase” of the idea, which means if the company is indeed working on it, it’s still in the early days of the long process.

“Apple is weighing an expansion into digital glasses, a risky but potentially lucrative area of wearable computing, according to people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg News reports.”

The digital glasses would connect to the wearer’s iPhone, and the glasses would be able to display information in the user’s field of view. This is the same idea we’ve seen from companies like Google, and even more recently with Snap’s Spectacles product, which just recently launched and has seen a bevy of positive feedback ever since.

Tim Cook sees augmented reality as a way to expand a user’s capabilities, while at the same time not restricting their interaction with other human beings, something that is important to Apple. These digital glasses are far from official, but considering the lengths that Cook has gone to promote AR, it would certainly make sense.

[via Bloomberg]