Apple Reportedly Integrating Augmented Reality Tech Into iPhone’s Camera App

iPhone 7 Plus camera

Business Insider reports that Apple is working on integrating augmented reality tech into the camera app of the iPhone. It was previously reported that Apple was working on special augmented reality powered glasses similar to Google Glass.

The effort to integrate AR into the iOS camera app is being led by a team that comprises of various startups that Apple has acquired over the years. This includes the likes of FaceShift, Metaio, Flyby Media, and more.

Apple’s aim with integrating AR into the camera app on the iPhone is to make it possible for people to point it at objects and have it recognised automatically. The company is also considering adding the ability to automatically detect people’s faces and provide with various tools to manipulate them. Apple had acquired a startup called FaceShift with similar technology in 2015.

Eventually, once Apple releases the above said AR features for the iPhone camera app, it will also release an SDK for app developers to take advantage of the new feature. By opening access to developers, Apple will greatly widen the possibilities of what AR integration would be able to achieve inside the iPhone’s camera app. It is likely that we will see Apple announce AR integration into the camera app in iOS with the next major release of the OS.

Talking about the recent rumor of Apple building its own pair of smart glassesBusiness Insider suggests that it is not as far away into the future as the original report had claimed. Instead, the project is already at a “more advanced stage in which Apple is exploring production.” This speculation is based on the fact that Apple hired John Border in September. Border’s LinkedIn profile shows him being a “senior optics manufacturing exploration engineer” at the company, with his bio describing him an expert “in the field of head-worn displays, plastic optics manufacturing, camera systems, and image sensors.”

Are you looking forward to Apple adding AR integration into the iPhone’s camera app? Or do you think AR is just a gimmick?

[Via Business Insider]