Apple Will Now Recycle Your Apple Watch

emojis on Apple Watch

Earlier this year, Apple officially launched the Apple Watch Series 2, and gave the Series 1 a slight uptick in the processor department under the hood for good measure.

And for anyone out there who had a Series 1, but ultimately upgraded to the Series 2, Apple has an option for those folks who might want to responsibly recycle the wearable instead of selling it for the diminished resell value. As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple officially updated its dedicated site for “Renew and Recycling,” officially adding the Apple Watch to the categories of products that can be recycled.

However, unlike the iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the Apple Watch won’t get any return on investment in the form of a gift card from Apple. That means if you recycle the old Apple Watch through Apple’s partner (in this case, Sims Recycling Solutions), you won’t get a gift card in return.

If you want to recycle the Apple Watch anyway, you can do that through Apple’s dedicated site, or you can head into an Apple retail store to go through the process there.

[via 9to5Mac; Apple]