Hidden Trick Reveals How To Quickly Access Spotlight From Any App in iOS 10


Spotlight Search has become my primary app launcher. I also use it for playing music from Apple Music, searching the web and doing currency and unit conversions. Now, using this hidden shortcut discovered by Reddit user quitethewaysaway, I can directly open Spotlight, in a fraction of a second, without even leaving the app I’m currently in.

The trick works like this. When you’re in an app, swipe down from the top of the screen, gently, till you get the haptic feedback from the iPhone. Then just release your finger. Spotlight Search will now open up, with the keyboard popped in. The video below shows the trick is action.


This is a much faster way to get to Spotlight Search. Normally, you’d have to swipe down to reveal the entire Notification Center, then tap on “Search”. Now, as soon as you release your finger, you’re in Spotlight search, ready to go.

This trick of course only works when you’re in an app. If you’re on the Home screen, just swipe down the bring up Spotlight Search. From the Lock screen, swipe to the right, the Spotlight Search will be at the top of the Today view.

On iPhones without the Taptic engine, the trick still works, you just have to estimate when to release the finger, without the haptic feedback.

[Via: Reddit]