Phil Schiller: New MacBook Pro Highest Selling Laptop for the Company Ever; Reveals Why They Lack SD Card Slot


Phil Schiller, senior VP of marketing at Apple, has in an interview with The Independent revealed why the Mac will never have a touchscreen and why the new MacBook Pros from the company lack an SD card slot.

There has been a lot of debate recently that Apple should be adding touchscreens to its MacBook Pro lineup like other Windows OEMs like Dell and Lenovo have been doing. Jony Ive, the design guru at Apple has already rejected the idea of a touchscreen Mac eons ago and Phil Schiller has provided more details and also provided insight on how for Apple macOS and iOS will always remain different and never merge due to the difference in their experience. While iOS is all about direct manipulation and touch, the Mac experience has always been about “indirect manipulation and cursors and menus.”

Here’s one example of how they should remain distinct: the Mac from the very first has had a menu bar fixed at the top. It’s core to the identity and the experience you get. But iOS doesn’t have a menu at the top. It never will. The thought of pointing at a menu at the top of an iPhone feels wrong. If you made the Mac a touchscreen you’d have to figure out how to make it a good experience with your finger on a touchscreen. Trust me, we’ve looked at that — it’s a bad experience. It’s not as good or as intuitive as with a mouse and trackpad.

As for the lack of SD card on the new MacBook Pros, Philip Schiller said that Apple took that decision because of a couple of things. First, the slot itself is cumbersome, with the SD card sticking out from the laptop when into it. Then, there is also the choice between CompactFlash and SD. Lastly, the company realized that there are many “fine and fast USB card readers” and that most cameras are nowadays coming with wireless transfer built-in.

So we think there’s a path forward where you can use a physical adaptor if you want, or do wireless transfer.

And if you were worried that Apple would kill the 3.5mm headphone jack on its MacBook Pro lineup in the future, that does not seem likely to happen. Schiller says that many professional users have setups with studio monitor, amps, and other audio gear that require the use of 3.5mm audio jack.

When questioned about the negative response and criticism surrounding the new MacBook Pro, Schiller said that he hopes more people will actually get to try the new Pros in person to see how great they are. He also revealed that despite the negativity surrounding them, the Apple Store has received more orders for the 13-inch MacBook Pro than any of the company’s previous pro laptop before.

[Via The Independent]