Poll: Do You Want Apple to Make iPhone 8’s Display Even Bigger With a Bezel-Less Design?

iPhone 8 with curved AMOLED display

According to recent rumors, Apple will make its smartphone displays even larger for next year’s iPhone 8 series, but reduce the size of the displays around the screen so that the handset’s footprint isn’t that much bigger. But do you want a larger iPhone display?

Last week, two Barclays analysts, citing supply chain sources in China, claimed that Apple will introduce a bezel-less design for the iPhone’s tenth anniversary next year. This will allow the company to deliver larger displays without making the iPhone 8 itself bigger.

The analysts believe that those displays will come in 5- and 5.8-inch sizes, up from the 4.7- and 5.5-inch options we’ve seen since the introduction of the iPhone 6 series. The larger model is also expected to get a new OLED display, while the smaller one could stick with LCD.

This could allow iPhone fans who feel their Plus-sized device is too big to drop down to the smaller 5-inch iPhone 8 without losing too much screen real estate. Meanwhile, those who love large displays could get an even bigger one in a form factor that’s not too big to handle.

But do you even want a larger display on your iPhone? Or would you prefer it if Apple stuck with the 4.7- and 5.5-inch displays we’re already used to, and made the iPhone’s footprint smaller so that it’s easier to handle? Take our poll below and let us know!